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Divorce, property division, and taxes

As we have discussed previously on this blog, ending a marriage is not an easy time.. Divorce can have a tremendous impact on one's finances for years and even decades to come. Most often, this impact is caused by property division, alimony and child support, which is why it is critical that Pennsylvanians fully understand the legalities involved with these issues before addressing them. Those who fail to do so could be at risk of being taken advantage of during settlement negotiations.

Pennsylvania's drunk driving penalties

Drunk driving is aggressively policed across Pennsylvania. Therefore, many individuals who are subjected to a traffic stop are also subjected to field sobriety tests. Others are forced to take these tests, in addition to a breathalyzer test, after being chosen for closer inspection at a DUI checkpoint. Regardless of how allegations of drunk driving come about, they need to be treated seriously. After all, a criminal conviction for drunk driving can have a tremendously detrimental impact on one's life.

How to avoid a defamation lawsuit in the business world

Whether they like it or not, business owners often find themselves amidst conflict. Sometimes this friction is caused from the negotiation of a contract or laying out a business plan with partners. However, some conflict arises from interactions with employees. This is particularly true in the hiring and firing process. If these issues are handled improperly, then a business may find itself at the center of litigation, which can be bad for a business's reputation and bottom line.

Motorcycle accident may result in personal injury claim

With consistently warm weather just around the corner, many Pennsylvania residents may be preparing themselves to take their motorcycles out of the garage and hit the road. Although riding a motorcycle can be a peaceful, relaxing, fun and cost-effective way to get around town, it can also be dangerous. Some motorcycle accidents are caused by errant motorcyclists, but the fact remains that approximately two-thirds of all motorcycle wrecks are caused by drivers of other vehicles.

What steps can I take to help my business grow?

As a new Pittsburgh area business owner, you may feel excited and ready for the challenges that come with growing and maintaining a successful company. Here at the outset is the ideal time to anticipate potential legal and ethical issues that might arise so you can put plans in place to mitigate them. 

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