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Probate is the post-death process performed by an attorney through the Register of Wills in which the deceased individuals assets are determined and valued, creditors are determined and paid, estate and and inheritance taxes are calculated and paid, with the filing of the requisite tax returns, and the remaining assets are distributed to the decedent's heirs.

Who gets the ring if . . .

I recently received a call from my friend's son. He was excited. He had met the girl of his dreams and he was about to take the big step and buy a ring. As he was planning on spending about $15,000, his Dad suggested that he call me, a Family Law attorney, to get "the legal low down" on engagement rings (i.e. who gets the ring if the couple ultimately does not get married).

Equitable Distribution of Assets in A Divorce

At some point during Divorce proceedings, the parties and their Counsels must deal with the division of the marital estate or equitable distribution. Pennsylvania lawyers know that the marital estate is generally defined as that property that the parties obtain during the marriage and before separation. There are certain exclusions such as inheritances or gifts, but generally it is the property obtained plus any increase in value of property brought into the marriage.

Divorce - What if the 'Ex' lives in the marital residence 3 years after separation & doesn't pay the mortgage?

A colleague of mine, who is a Pennsylvania as well as a Pittsburgh Divorce lawyer, recently had a situation in one of his equitable distribution cases that was very unique and unusual. It seems that the Husband left the residence in October of 2009, giving exclusive possession of the residence to his Wife. Of course, who ends up with the house during the separation of the married couple can sometimes be very contentious, but in this situation, the Husband was quite accommodating and thought nothing of allowing the Mother of his children to keep possession of the residence. The Wife was happy too.

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