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March 2012 Archives

DUI Driver hits church: Can I keep him out of Jail?

A recent DUI article in the Trib Live News , reported that a gentleman from Herminie Pennsylvania, slammed into a church will under the influence of alcohol. How far under? Try nearly 4 times. That's right. Mark D. Stevens 44 had a blood alcohol limit of .3 when his car hit the church. Of course the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol in Pennsylvania is .08.

Is Alimony Granted In Pennsylvania?

One of the most prevalent questions I am asked when couples are alimony is whether or not alimony is granted in Pennsylvania. Inevitably, the client says, "my friend told me that there is no alimony in Pennsylvania". Well, the friend is wrong. In fact, in Pennsylvania there are two types of alimony - Alimony Pendente Lite and post Divorce Alimony.

If I Were My Own Divorce Lawyer - Would I Rather Go To Court Or Settle?

The hardest question for a Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer is determining whether or not a divorce case should be settled or go to trial. In a recent article in the Huffington, entitled," WHAT DO DIVORCE LAWYERS DO IN THEIR OWN DIVORCES", J Richard Kulerski and Kari Cornelison state that the vast majority of lawyers would "try to stay out of (Divorce) court". They state that "despite any perceived advantage they are believed to have, they do everything they can to settle their case before they reach the court system" because they think going to court is a losing proposition. Their reasoning is that taking the case to court is a counter-productive force that destroys their chance of achieving a healthy negotiating climate. Although I agree that settlement is generally better than fighting it out in Court, sometimes it's just the correct approach and sometimes you do not have an alternative.

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