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Trouble with Your Teen after a Divorce - Act 53

As a family law attorney, I routinely encounter families that are going through some of their most difficult times. A divorce or custody battle is hard on the parents and can be even more trying to the child. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the child to act out, often in a dangerous way. If you have a child that has gotten to the point where he or she is no longer controllable and you suspect he or she is using drugs and alcohol, the Pennsylvania court system offers an option that parents can pursue to involuntarily commit the child to drug and alcohol treatment.

Grandparents Rights Regarding Custody

This day in age, there seems to be an ever increasing number of grandparents that are taking on parental duties for their grandchildren. It is one thing to take on the day to day duties of the parent, and quite another to have all of the legal rights that a parent has. What steps then must a grandparent or grandparents take if they want to have decision making power and legal physical custody of the grandchild?

Starting a New Business

So you're starting a business and you want to know what the first step is. Number one, start the process by interviewing a knowledgeable business attorney. You see, not all attorneys are "knowledgeable" when it comes to business formation and practical day to day business issues. In the course of the interview, find out what kind of experience the attorney has in forming entities. I have found it useful to ask if the attorney has owned his own businesses. I have found that those that have owned their own businesses tend to have a greater understanding of the salient issues associated with owning businesses. An attorney with some tax background is also preferable.

Drinking with Dad...Underage Drinking

Recently, the national news picked up a story about a Colorado state senator that introduced a bill affectionately known as the "Drinking with Dad" bill. This piece of legislation would have permitted parents to purchase alcohol for their child in Colorado Bars and restaurants if the child was 18 and older but not yet 21 (legal underage drinking). The senator who introduced the bill advocated the measure because he felt that permitting children to drink alcohol with a parent present would provide an opportunity to teach them how to drink responsibly.

Legal Name Change

Even if a person is never involved in any form of litigation throughout his or her life, there are still a number of occasions where the assistance of a lawyer may be needed. One such instance occurs when a person wants to change his or her legal name. There are numerous reasons to change a legal name including: retaking your maiden name; modifying a name that is difficult to spell or pronounce; changing your child's last name; or changing your name for professional purposes. Although the reason for a name change might be obvious, the process one must navigate to do so is not.

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