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January 2013 Archives

Tenancy at Will...

Most landlord/tenant issues arise out of a situation where the landlord or tenant engages in conduct that is in violation of one or more of the provisions of the operative lease. However, what happens if there is no formal lease between the landlord and tenant or if there was a lease but it has expired?

Communication & Custody

One of the greatest hurdles for parents following a child custody battle is being able to communicate with one another regarding the child. Often, the parties harbor significant bad blood toward one another and have no interest in speaking with or seeing each other. This animosity is understandable considering the parties would have likely recently ended their own relationship and then subsequently fought against one another for custody of their child or children. However, it is important to be able to set aside any animosity toward the other parent when dealing with issues of custody.

Annulment - A Family Law & Divorce Issue

Although it is a somewhat rare occurrence, an interesting family law question I occasionally encounter is that of annulment in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, the law establishes a very specific set of circumstances under which one can have a marriage annulled. Unlike in Nevada, where you can obtain an annulment from the same Elvis impersonator that married you 12 hazy hours earlier, in Pennsylvania, there are five justifications that are accepted by the Court for annulment.


Our Pittsburgh law office regularly fields inquiries from both landlords and tenants regarding evictions. Usually, if the call is from a landlord, he or she wants to find out the steps he or she should take to effectuate the eviction legally. If the call is from a tenant, he or she is usually alleging that the landlord has evicted him or her illegally and wants representation to oppose the eviction.

Holiday Custody

At the end of each year our firm inevitably receives phone calls from divorced or separated parents asking how to handle child custody during the holiday season. This can prove to be an especially stressful and volatile issue considering most parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children on these special days.

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