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October 2013 Archives

Marriage and Divorce Continued

Today we will continue with our discussion dealing with some keys points on how to make marriage successful... in order to avoid divorce. We have been dealing with the very important key point - that men and women are different. It is crucial to understand and respect these differences in order to make any marriage work.

Paternity Testing for Child Custody

As a family law attorney, I occasionally encounter child custody cases in which paternity is a crucial issue. In Pennsylvania, paternity is defined as the state or quality of being a father. If a mother, potential father, or child wishes to have a paternity test conducted, he or she may petition the Court to have the test administered. Traditionally, a simple cotton swab test is conducted and DNA is taken from both father and child.

Child Custody & Visitation

On occasion, our Pittsburgh law firm is contacted by a potential client dealing with a child custody matter and that client wants "full" custody because, up until this point, the other parent has been absent from the child's life. Now the former absentee parent is pursuing custody and the client wants the other parent to have nothing to do with the child.

Marriage and Divorce...More from the Pastor

When I ended last week's writing, I was dealing with the point that men and women are different because they are created differently. As a result, they deal or respond to life's challenges and situations differently. Therefore, those differences should be celebrated and used as a force for unity to strengthen the marriage, not as a source for division, weakening the marriage that cam cause it to eventually end in divorce.

Step-Parent Support - Will Re-Marrying Change My Support Order?

Our office recently received a telephone call from an individual regarding a step-parent's obligation to pay child support. The prospective client was asking how her new husband's income would change her support order. The child's natural father had filed for a support modification because mother had gotten remarried and because her new husband made a healthy living.

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