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September 2012 Archives

Applying Lessons from the Godfather Movie to Divorces - "Nothing personal, just business"

Oh if I could only get my clients to absorb and reflect on one of the most famous lines from "The Godfather" - "Nothing personal, just business." The fact of the matter is -most of what goes on in divorces, after the parties have agreed to go their separate ways and file for divorce, is about business, or money, if you will. Any divorce lawyer that does a semblance of divorce cases knows that after the initial filings the fights are usually about money - be it alimony pendent elite, child support or equitable distribution of assets. However, the same lawyers also know that the vast majority of the clients believe its all personal, which leads to greater acrimony between the parties, causing more fights, less productive negotiations and, as a result, more fees.


In the many years I have been doing divorce law, I have never had the opportunity to sit down with a child, a young man or young women, whose parents are divorced and discuss how it affects him or her. I had the unique opportunity of having such a discussion with such a young man as we sat waiting to deal with the young man's summary appeal.

Termination of Parental Rights

As a Pittsburgh attorney, I occasionally encounter situations where one parent asks whether he or she can give up his or her parental rights to their child. There are a number of reasons that an attorney gets this question. Sometimes a parent is frustrated because he or she has not been able to see their child for a long time and has simply given up. Sometimes, the custodial parent asks if the absentee parent would be willing to give up his or rights. Sometimes, unfortunately, a parent would rather give up his or her parental rights than pay child support. So what happens when a parent no longer wants to retain his or her parental rights?

DUI Checkpoints...

Police departments in Pennsylvania are increasingly using DUI checkpoints as a tool to deter drunk driving and catch impaired drivers. While the courts have found these types of roadblocks to be perfectly legal, if the police fail to follow certain protocols established by the courts, it is possible to successfully defend charges brought against you as a result being caught at a checkpoint.

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