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June 2011 Archives

Jail for failure to pay child support not enough to require lawyer

It has been established since the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright in 1963 that criminal defendants facing the possibility of going to jail must be provided with an attorney if they cannot afford one. Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court had to decide whether the Constitution requires the same protection for civil defendants in contempt hearings for failure to pay child support.

Court: Grandparents are not owed parental-style visitation

Pennsylvania courts are not obliged to follow any precedents set by state-level courts of any other state. If a judicial opinion from another state is very similar to a Pennsylvania case, though, and the laws applied in it are also similar, and the legal reasoning is very strong, an out-of-state case can have some weight with a Pennsylvania court. For that reason, out-of-state cases can mean something in a Pennsylvania grandparents' rights case. If nothing else, grandparents arguing for their rights in a Pennsylvania courtroom will probably have to prepare to make an argument for or against applying the reasoning that was applied in a similar non-Pennsylvania case.

Study finds apparent link between teen sex, divorce

A new study shows a surprising connection between sex and divorce. The study, conducted at the University of Iowa and published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, reveals that girls who lost their virginity as teenagers were more likely to divorce.

Fake Facebook account creates courtroom chaos

Millions of people use social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with friends and keep up on current events. However, when it comes to family law matters, social networking is not always your friend.

Philadelphia 76ers star Iverson getting a divorce

Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson's wife has filed for divorce. While most Pittsburgh residents going through divorce don't have millions of dollars and a lucrative career to worry about, the Iversons' separation does provide several examples of things any divorcing couple needs to contemplate.

Grandparents flee with granddaughter after they lose custody

The grandparents of a three-year-old girl are currently on trial on charges of illegally fleeing with the child. The girl's mother is a long-distance truck driver. As a result, she had previously relinquished her child custody rights in favor of her parents. The little girl rarely had any contact with her father. Apparently, this was because the grandparents decided that it was not in her best interest if she were to visit him. As a result, the mother says that she had to sneak visits in order for the father to see his little girl.

Madoff Ripped Me Off, So Change My Divorce Property Division

Courts don't like to revisit issues in divorce property division. Just ask anyone who has asked a Pennsylvania court to change a property division decision after the divorce decree has become final. So it is not only Pittsburgh property division attorneys who are interested in the recent lawsuit by an ex-husband who wants the courts in his state to revise the property division in his divorce.

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