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One of the biggest sticking points I run into as a Pittsburgh family law attorney is alimony in divorce cases. Prospective obligors typically recoil at the thought of providing for their soon to be ex-spouse for the foreseeable future while prospective recipients are often looking to guarantee themselves a certain standard of living going forward. It is this issue that often leads to a break down in settlement negotiations and the parties subsequently heading to trial.

DUI Suspension

One of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol ("DUI") is that your driver's license is typically suspended. Depending on how intoxicated you were at the time of your arrest and how many previous DUI's you have had, the length of the license suspension varies widely. However, regardless of whether your suspension is 30 days or 18 months, it is extremely important to not risk driving during the suspension.

How important is a school district in a child custody case

As an experienced Pittsburgh family law attorney, I know that child custody is a very 'touchy' subject. The issue of school districts often becomes a contentious issue in child custody disputes where both parents do not live in close proximity. The parent living in the "better" school district often uses that fact as a reason for him or her to have primary physical custody of the child. The parent in the "weaker" school district typically argues that the choice of school district isn't especially important and shouldn't be taken into consideration by the court.

New DUI Procedure...At Least for Now

If you have not heard about it, you will! Recently, a Daughin County Common Pleas Court Judge ruled that certain breathalyzer machines used by the police when stopping an individual suspected of driving while intoxicated are flawed and not reliable for readings above .15 and below .05. Accordingly, the Police Department, in an attempt to keep every DUI stop out of court, has decided that all possible DUI prospects will now be subjected to a blood test.

Online Dating - What Not to Include if you are going through a Divorce

Dating can be a very touchy subject while a party is going through a divorce. As a divorce, I often have clients ask me about when it is ok for them to begin dating again. While the answer is always case specific, there are certain pitfalls that an individual going through a divorce should look to avoid. The internet dating era has provided further opportunities to an individual to do damage to his or her case. The following are a few rules to follow regarding what not to include in an internet dating profile if you are currently going through a divorce.

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