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October 2014 Archives

End of Life Documents to Consider

When thinking about wills & estates planning, have you given any thought recently to end-of-life issues? Though they are not necessarily pleasant topics to think about, planning in advance could greatly help your loved ones when the time comes.

Child Custody and School Bus Transportation

As the new school year begins for families throughout the Commonwealth, divorced or separated parents face a variety of issues regarding child custody. One problem that commonly arises is that of transportation to and from school. Pennsylvania courts recently settled one such issue and determined that a school district must provide transportation to and from two separate residences within the same district. In the case heard by the Court, mother and father were divorced and living within the boundaries of the same school district. However, their homes were on different bus routes and the school district had implemented a policy wherein it would not transport a child to multiple locations. As a result, father was forced to hire someone to drive his child to and from school during his custodial time.


It is well known that Pennsylvania has a very aging population. Accordingly, I have many clients inquire about the "Probate Process" in the various Pennsylvania counties. Quite simply, when an individual dies they either die with or without a Will. If they die without a Will, it is called dying intestate. Dying with a Will is called dying testate.

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