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May 2011 Archives

Stress from Long Commutes Can Lead to Divorce

Long commutes to work are not just a drain on your pocketbook and a waste of your time. It turns out that they also increase the likelihood that you will get divorced. A recent study that looked at the effect on marital relationships of one or both spouses adding a long commute to their routine concluded that the longer commutes were very destructive. Couples that introduced a long work commute into their lives had a 40 percent increased risk of divorce.

Divorce Rates Are Down Over the Long Run

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a report on the trends in marriage and divorce in the United States. Perhaps surprisingly, the report finds that divorce rates have slowed from a peak that occurred around 1980. Since then, the rate of divorce has slowed, and the age at which people get married (or remarried) has risen.

How Do You Deal With Kids Who Don't Want to See You?

It is often painful to find that as your children grow up, they are more interested in their friends than they are in you. As hard as this transition is for parents and children, it is especially hard for non-custodial parents who are already limited by a visitation schedule in how much time they get to spend with their kids.

NFL and NBA Players May Request Reduced Support Payments

Pro football players for the NFL are already locked out of their workplace, and basketball players for the NBA could find themselves in a similar situation within months. If the standoffs with owners continue into the football and basketball seasons, many professional athletes could find themselves without paychecks.

Divorce Rates Do Not Grow With Unemployment Rates

Most people assume that as unemployment rates rise, the stress on marriages with one or both spouses being out of work grows to such an excruciating point that a rise in divorces is almost inevitable. That is what researchers from Penn State expected to find when they examined the connections between unemployment and divorce.

Study Finds Most People Would Like to See Joint Child Custody

In Pennsylvania and across the country, courts deciding child custody cases in the past often exhibited a preference for awarding primary physical custody to the mother and awarding visitation rights to the father. There were exceptions to the rule, but the typical outcome was primary custody for the mother.

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