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Social Security & Divorce...

As an equitable distribution in many of the divorce cases my firm handles one of the assets that needs to be addressed in equitable distribution is the parties' Social Security benefits. In any marriage that has lasted 10 years or longer and at least one party was contributing to Social Security, both parties are entitled to benefits. If only one spouse was paying into Social Security, the non-paying spouse will be entitled to spousal benefits. If a party claims spousal benefits at retirement, he or she is typically entitled to 50 percent of the full benefits of the wage earner. If for some reason the benefits are claimed early, this amount will be reduced.

Preparation - The Key to Success: Part I

As an experienced Pittsburgh attorney, I now remember back to having a guest speaker in my first year of law school. He was a gentlemen in his mid 40's that had graduated from our law school. He now had a thriving and successful practice in Washington DC. The speaker, whose name I can not remember, said something that has stuck with me for over 25 years. I can remember what he said like it was yesterday because the gentleman said something I simply did not believe.

Custody and the Teenager - Quit the Chess Game

Teenagers love to believe that they are old enough to know better for whatever reason, and I was as guilty as any. At about the age of 15, teenagers start believing that they are much smarter than their parents. This transition is painstaking and trying for married parents, but it is especially complex for divorced couples. The complexity of this teenage phenomenon can be exacerbated by one or both of the divorce couples poisoning the mind of the teen against the other parent.

Underage Drinking & Fake IDs

Each year, my firm handles a number of underage drinking cases. Most cases are fairly straightforward and a minor simply got caught at a party or had too much to drink. However, the case gets significantly more complicated if the minor possesses a fake ID. The consequences for possessing false identification and using it to purchase alcohol make a case more complicated than one in which the minor simply gets caught drinking alcohol underage.

Marijuana Possession & College Students

It seems as though it has become increasingly common to hear about college students getting busted for marijuana possession. Each year, there seem to be more and more college athletes being suspended by their university or questioned by professional teams when entering the draft regarding "character issues" following a failed drug test because of marijuana use. The consequences of being caught with marijuana on those students, however, are very different than the average student.

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