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August 2011 Archives

Many men gain weight after getting divorced

The legal details involved in getting a divorce are a source of enormous stress for almost everyone who goes through that process. That is why having professional help from an experienced divorce lawyer is so important. That assistance can help to lower the almost-inevitable stress level that is associated with divorce. According to a recent study, making a marital transition, i.e., getting married or getting divorced, can have a negative effect on a person's health. The study found that many people gain weight after a marital transition. Perhaps surprisingly, women commonly gained weight after marriage, and men gained weight after divorce.

Parents skipping marriage and living together more than ever

For decades, it has seemed as though divorce rates have been rising ever higher in Pittsburgh and indeed across the country. The truth is that while divorce rates are high, they have not been increasing year after year. However, the fact that divorce rates are not as high as commonly believed does not mean that families are becoming more stable. There are still a lot of families that break up, but in increasing numbers, the parents are not getting divorced because they never were married in the first place.

Is Hollywood promoting an unrealistic depiction of divorce?

The new Steve Carell comedy-drama "Crazy, Stupid Love" is generating some discussion as to whether its depiction of a separating couple is realistic. The movie is attracting some criticism because (spoiler alert), the separating couple reunites at the end.

Supermodel seeks child support: $46,000 a month

Many separating parents in Pittsburgh have to struggle with the question of how much child support they feel they need, or how much they can afford to pay. The parties to a child support dispute are free to request an amount that they believe is fair, but to a great extent, a judge will use pre-determined criteria to set child support payments.

Financier tries to argue that property division should favor him

When a divorce gets acrimonious, at least one spouse usually objects to the idea of evenly splitting the couple's money. As one might expect, the objecting spouse is usually the breadwinner, but in some cases they could have brought assets to the marriage in ways other than work that they feel they alone were responsible for.

Underage father claims rape, refutes child support claim - Part II

In our previous post, we described a child support case with some elements that might surprise Pittsburgh residents - specifically, the father's claim that the child was the product of his being raped. The case that could set a new precedent when it comes to fathers who conceive a child against their will and the requirement for them to pay child support.

Underage father claims rape, refutes child support claim - Part I

An interesting child support case has recently arisen that may raise a few eyebrows among Pittsburgh readers. The case involves a teenage father who says that he was the victim of a rape when he had sex with his 18-year-old girlfriend.  During the encounter, a baby was conceived. In this two-part post, we will discuss the child support dispute that has since ensued. First, we will describe the case from the father's point of view.

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