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Advice for People Divorcing Over Age 50

Divorce rates have actually decreased a little over the last twenty years. But for people over 50 years of age, it has doubled. There were around 300,000 couples over 50 that divorced in 2008, and if the trend continues there will be 400,000 divorces in that age group in 2030.

Primary custodial parents may be restricted from moving

When parents divorce, one issue that is of paramount importance is child custody. Parents may seek sole custody or joint custody. If sole custody is awarded, that parent would be considered the primary custodial parent. The other parent would be the non-custodial parent and would typically retain some parental rights, such as visitation rights.

Vacationing with Ex-Spouse and Children: It Might Work

For many divorced couples, the idea of vacationing with an ex-spouse is absolutely out of the question. But for those who can get along reasonably well, vacationing together with their children can be a good way to save money and produce some good memories for the kids, and maybe even for themselves.

Unmarried Couples Still Have Property Division Issues

More couples than ever are deciding to live together without getting married. The latest census data shows that the number of heterosexual cohabitating couples has more than doubled, to 7.5 million from 2.8 million in 1996. In many cases, those couples are avoiding marriage to avoid the problems of divorce. But it isn't working. Many unmarried couples are finding that their breakups are turning out to be just as messy as a divorce.

Social Security Benefits May Be Affected by Divorce

Social Security benefits are usually the last thing on someone's mind when they are getting a divorce, but those benefits are going to matter. Around half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and Social Security is the primary source of income for 72% of single retirees. Many of those single retirees are single because they are divorced.

Women in the military more likely to divorce

In their careers, male and female members of the military have largely similar responsibilities and face similar challenges. Their personal lives, however, tend to be very different. According to Pentagon statistics, women who serve in the military experience divorce at much higher rates than do their male comrades.

Study Says Happy Teens Are More Likely to Eventually Divorce

While it is commonly understood, and studies have confirmed, that there is a relationship between having an unhappy childhood and having an unhappy and unfulfilling adult life, less commonly studied are the effects of a happy childhood on a person's adult life.

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