Next week McCourts to be in divorce court over spousal support

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Many matters in a divorce are complex, and take some time to resolve. In many cases, where the values of assets and incomes are hard to determine, and the parties are not inclined to cooperate, the cases can seem to linger on and on. Such is the situation with L.A. Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. The latest episode in their long-running divorce conflict involves spousal maintenance.

Next week, Frank McCourt will get a court hearing on his motion to reduce spousal support. He says that in the last year he has paid $2.7 million in support, plus an additional $5 million for mortgages on six houses and a condo. He wants the support reduced because he claims he only makes $5 million a year.

Jamie McCourt has responded in court filings that $44 million has gone into Frank McCourt’s bank accounts since June of 2010.

In May of 2010, Frank McCourt was ordered to pay $225,000 a month in spousal support and more than $400,000 a month to cover the mortgages.

The McCourts had a postnuptial agreement that gave Frank McCourt sole ownership of the Dodgers, but in December of last year a court ruled the postnuptial agreement to be invalid. As a result, Jamie McCourt could still claim half ownership of the team. She was the Dodgers’ CEO until the McCourts began to have marital problems.

Chinese-backed investors have offered to pay $1.2 billion to buy the Dodgers, but Frank McCourt has refused the sell the team.

Source: Seattle Times “McCourts to argue over spousal support in LA court” Sept. 14, 2011


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