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Contract breach and potential remedies

In many instances, in order for businesses to operate properly promises have to be made and kept. Because of this reality, many individuals and businesses find themselves relying on the promises of others. This is the basis of contracts. Most often, parties come together to barter over some sort of exchange, and their agreement is memorialized in writing. When the terms of a contract are broken, then a breach of the contract may have occurred. A breach can leave a party worse off than they were, which is why many breach of contract issues result in some sort of legal action.

Working your way around business litigation

In order to protect yourself and your business, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of the laws and regulations in place. There may be instances where you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unwelcome situation either facing business litigation or the victim of another business's illegal tactics. In order to best understand how to proceed, let us first take a look at the basics of business litigation.

A quick look at types of unincorporated business entities in PA

Different business entities have different characteristics in different areas, including: ownership and control; liability; taxation, reporting requirements; formation and dissolution requirements; distribution of profits, and so on. The type of entity selected when forming a business is important to get right, as making a wise selection will help ensure the success of the business.

PA law made broad changes to law governing unincorporated entities

Earlier this year, a new Pennsylvania law went into effect which made significant changes to several types of partnership entities and limited liability companies. The changes were fairly widespread touching upon matters of formation, dissolution, registration, governance, distribution and liability for general and limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Protecting valuable business information and resources: looking at some tools, strategies, P.3

In previous posts, we looked briefly at some of the important ways businesses can protect valuable information, including intellectual property protections and trade secret protections. Both are useful tools when employed strategically and with the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to make effective use of them.

Business formation: LLC or corporation?

Starting a new business is an exciting venture, but it often comes with some questions and stress. As you begin to follow your dreams to become a business owner, you might be wondering what type of business you should form. With so many options out there, this choice can be confusing. Here is a quick rundown of two of the most common business structures: limited liability companies and corporations. 

Protecting valuable business information and resources: looking at some tools, strategies, P.2

Last time, we began commenting on some of the tools and strategies businesses can use to protect sensitive information from competitors, specifically taking a brief look at intellectual property rights. As we noted, registering and enforcing trademarks, patents and copyrights, and establishing an effective strategy for licensing, can be an important way for businesses to protect and benefit from their intellectual property.

Protecting valuable business information and resources: looking at some tools, strategies

For employers, protecting valuable businesses resources from competitors is critical to ensuring the success of the business. Valuable resources include not only intellectual property created by the company, but also trade secrets and employees, particularly high-level employees who have access to sensitive company information.

5 common problems many small businesses face

It starts with an idea and a dream, and you have been successful at turning it into a business that continues to thrive and grow. Unfortunately, no matter how great your ideas or business skills are, you are likely to run into some type of growing pains as you stretch your employees, your customers and your goals.

Handshakes are great, but...

It's best to get any important agreement in writing. Even among friends and family that go into business together, a contract can save a lot of frustration, anger and even unease. The idea is that by writing it down on paper (make sure there is a hard copy), the terms of the agreement are there in front of the parties or partners or seller and buyer.

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