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Divorce - How to Determine When a Couple is Officially Separated?

One of the more important determinations in any divorce case is establishing when the parties have officially separated. Establishing a date of separation is key to determining the value of the parties' marital assets and for ascertaining when the court may issue a divorce decree if both parties do not consent to the divorce. As a divorce attorney, clients are often confused as to when the date of separation actually lies.

Pro Se Divorce

Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court approved a set of pro se divorce forms for indigent couples with no real property. The purpose of these forms is to provide poor couples without children or real property the option to secure a divorce without retaining attorneys. The court "is confident that these forms will be a useful tool in addressing the burgeoning population of litigants who cannot afford representation and are unable to obtain representation through a legal service provider."

Why legal separation agreements are a good idea

The end of a romantic relationship almost always involves dividing up physical property. For those dating in high school or college, this might mean returning cds, a favorite sweatshirt and a book or two. In the case of a marriage, however, the financial consequences of ending the relationship are almost always more complex.

Changes in Pennsylvania child custody laws can affect rulings

New child custody laws have been in effect for Pennsylvania residents for most of 2011, and the changes have already changed the course of many Pittsburgh child custody cases. The changes to court procedure and parental rights are largely intended to protect the emotional well-being of the children involved.

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