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So the stock market is breaking new highs. One would think that the result should be happier home life as family portfolios start to bulge faster than Chris Christie's waist line, but the fact of the matter is that recent U. S. Census Bureau data shows that the divorce rate in the United States is skyrocketing. This revelation means one thing, instead of allowing money to assuage all wounds, couples are taking the opportunity to cash out when the going is good. And, because there's money in the coffers, there is money for the spouse who is leaving the marital residence to purchase a new house.

Study looks at women's divorce rates by race and education

Pittsburgh divorce attorneys were interested to see news reports of a new study completed by researchers at Bowling Green State University recently. The researchers examined the first-time divorce rates of women. The researchers looked at the data from two different perspectives: divorce rates according to education, and divorce rates according to race.

Study finds apparent link between teen sex, divorce

A new study shows a surprising connection between sex and divorce. The study, conducted at the University of Iowa and published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, reveals that girls who lost their virginity as teenagers were more likely to divorce.

Women in the military more likely to divorce

In their careers, male and female members of the military have largely similar responsibilities and face similar challenges. Their personal lives, however, tend to be very different. According to Pentagon statistics, women who serve in the military experience divorce at much higher rates than do their male comrades.

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