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Relocation after a Divorce - How Do I Handle Child Custody?

Moving your family is a stressful and complicated event even with an intact family. However, relocating can become even more difficult following a divorce when there is a custody order in place. As of January 24, 2011 Pennsylvania's new Child Custody Law went into effect and introduced new requirements with regard to a custodian's relocating.

Father reunited with son after international child custody dispute

For eight years, a New York cab driver has been fighting for child custody rights to his 10-year-old son after the boy's mother took him to visit her relatives in the Ivory Coast in 2003 and never returned him. Just this Tuesday, the 46-year-old father finally celebrated the end of this international child custody dispute when his son entered the arrivals hall at Kennedy Airport.

Complex child custody agreements are a growing trend

Star of David topped Christmas trees. That's what some people are doing after their divorce, in accordance with the child custody agreements they negotiated. A growing number of people seem to be adding interesting post-divorce requirements when it comes to raising their children.

How to help children deal with their parents' divorce, Part 2

Yesterday's blog post began a discussion of how divorcing parents can help their children to be in the best possible position to survive the emotional trauma of divorce. Children are resilient, but they need the right atmosphere in which to fully adjust to the changes that come with divorce. 

How to help children deal with their parents' divorce, Part 1

Everyone needs help with something now and then. Adults who are getting divorced need support from friends, and in Pittsburgh they need assistance from an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney. But when parents get divorced, it is the children who need the most help of all, and they need it most from their parents. Children do not have the same experience dealing with adversity that adults do, and particularly with young children, they literally do not know how to react. It is well known that without guidance to the contrary, young children will blame themselves for their parents' divorce.

Underage father claims rape, refutes child support claim - Part II

In our previous post, we described a child support case with some elements that might surprise Pittsburgh residents - specifically, the father's claim that the child was the product of his being raped. The case that could set a new precedent when it comes to fathers who conceive a child against their will and the requirement for them to pay child support.

Underage father claims rape, refutes child support claim - Part I

An interesting child support case has recently arisen that may raise a few eyebrows among Pittsburgh readers. The case involves a teenage father who says that he was the victim of a rape when he had sex with his 18-year-old girlfriend.  During the encounter, a baby was conceived. In this two-part post, we will discuss the child support dispute that has since ensued. First, we will describe the case from the father's point of view.

Grandparents flee with granddaughter after they lose custody

The grandparents of a three-year-old girl are currently on trial on charges of illegally fleeing with the child. The girl's mother is a long-distance truck driver. As a result, she had previously relinquished her child custody rights in favor of her parents. The little girl rarely had any contact with her father. Apparently, this was because the grandparents decided that it was not in her best interest if she were to visit him. As a result, the mother says that she had to sneak visits in order for the father to see his little girl.

Grandparents Lose Their Rights to Visitation With Their Grandson

When parents deny grandparents any visitation with their grandchildren, grandparents may petition the family court for visitation rights if it is in the best interest of the grandchildren. Sometimes, however, the court may find that the parents have a good reason for denying grandparents visitation rights with the grandchildren.

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