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Divorce rate up for people aged 50 to 64

At one time, divorce among spouses over the age of 50 was considered so rare that, for all intents and purposes, it didn't happen. Of course, that was not exactly true, but it was the case that divorces between spouses aged 50 to 64 were much less common than they are now. Even as recently as 1990, divorces between spouses over the age of 50 made up only around ten percent of all divorces. Pittsburgh divorce attorneys have noted that by 2009, that same age group accounted for closer to 25 percent of all divorces.

Many long-married couples have "fade away" divorces

Divorce is often thought of as something that young people go through. Young couples who get married before they really know each other or before they really understand what they are getting into find that they are unhappy with their marriages and get divorced.

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