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Financier tries to argue that property division should favor him

When a divorce gets acrimonious, at least one spouse usually objects to the idea of evenly splitting the couple's money. As one might expect, the objecting spouse is usually the breadwinner, but in some cases they could have brought assets to the marriage in ways other than work that they feel they alone were responsible for.

Property division mistakes can be very costly

Everyone makes mistakes. A lot of people make mistakes when they get divorced, or at least they worry that they do. Property division is a complex issue, regardless of the amount of marital property. It is easy to misconstrue details of a divorce settlement or the divorce decree. Courts aren't usually a good place to look for forgiveness for mistakes, but sometimes they will let small mistakes go, for the sake of moving a case forward.

Avoid pricy pitfalls and collateral costs in your divorce

Between separating from your spouse and dealing with your household and child support, you have enough on your mind during a divorce, you have enough on your mind. And stress on your wallet. An unnecessary, expensive bill is the last thing your family should have to deal with.

Innocent ex allowed to keep fraudulently earned funds from divorce

For many couples in Pittsburgh, property division can be one of the most challenging parts of the divorce process. Couples work hard to build their estate and assets during marriage, and it's tough to watch everything get cut in half by a divorce judge.

Madoff Ripped Me Off, So Change My Divorce Property Division

Courts don't like to revisit issues in divorce property division. Just ask anyone who has asked a Pennsylvania court to change a property division decision after the divorce decree has become final. So it is not only Pittsburgh property division attorneys who are interested in the recent lawsuit by an ex-husband who wants the courts in his state to revise the property division in his divorce.

General Advice on Prenuptial Agreements

For most people getting married for the first time, having a prenuptial agreement is an unappealing prospect. Only about three percent of first-time spouses get prenups. But a lot of people getting divorced and dealing with contentious matters of property division probably wish they had a clear and enforceable prenuptial agreement.

General Information on Property Division in Divorce

Even when a divorce is amicable, deciding how to divide the household's property is difficult. When a divorce is contentious, the problem is much much worse. In longer marriages in particular, there can be many types of property involved, and valuation of these assets can be very fluid. In other words, it is going to be hard for people who do not trust each other to agree on the value of many of the assets.

Advice for People Divorcing Over Age 50

Divorce rates have actually decreased a little over the last twenty years. But for people over 50 years of age, it has doubled. There were around 300,000 couples over 50 that divorced in 2008, and if the trend continues there will be 400,000 divorces in that age group in 2030.

Unmarried Couples Still Have Property Division Issues

More couples than ever are deciding to live together without getting married. The latest census data shows that the number of heterosexual cohabitating couples has more than doubled, to 7.5 million from 2.8 million in 1996. In many cases, those couples are avoiding marriage to avoid the problems of divorce. But it isn't working. Many unmarried couples are finding that their breakups are turning out to be just as messy as a divorce.

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