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Pennsylvania casino faces premises liability lawsuit

Individuals who are invited onto the property of another, whether that be as a customer in a store or as a social guest at a friend's gathering, usually don't give much thought to how the property itself may pose a danger to their safety and well-being. Yet, oftentimes property owners failed to routinely inspect their properties, and thereby quickly identify and remedy hazardous conditions. As a result, unsuspecting individuals are sometimes injured or even killed by dangerous property conditions. This is entirely unacceptable, which is why those who have been injured in an accident while on the property of another should carefully consider the legal options available to them.

Car accidents and whiplash

Individuals who have been involved in a car accident usually know that the injuries suffered in these wrecks can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. At one end are those injuries that are debilitating and have life-long impacts. These injuries include brain and spinal cord injuries, which can leave a victim paralyzed and with significantly diminished cognitive abilities. Most of these individuals require long-term care and usually cannot work to support themselves.

Sleep apnea can cause serious truck accidents

We've talked previously on this blog about the dangers that can be posed by semi-trucks when they are driven in an unsafe fashion. Sadly, Pennsylvania residents can't tell when a trucker is tired, intoxicated, or distracted, which means that at any given time they could be susceptible to being seriously injured or even killed in a negligent truck accident.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury

Many Pittsburgh-area residents who are injured as a result of the negligence of another are fortunate enough to escape with relatively minor injuries. These injuries may include scrapes, bruises or cuts. More moderate accidents leave victims suffering from broken bones and gashes that may require stitches. Although these injuries can be painful and take some time to recover from, they are not as serious as some of the most severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury.

Pennsylvania woman killed in pedestrian accident

Parking lots are the scene of many fender benders. Cars blindly pull out of parking spots only to be struck by oncoming vehicles. Others pull into parking lot lanes too quickly and too widely, causing them to strike vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. Fortunately, given the relatively slow speeds vehicles generally travel through parking lots, many of these wrecks merely result in minor property damage. However, despite these slow speeds, when these accidents involve pedestrians, the results can be deadly.

Can trespassers pursue a premises liability lawsuit?

We enter the property of others with little thought about what could happen while on that property. Premises liability is the legal theory where an individual who is injured by a dangerous property condition can recover compensation for his or her damages if certain legal elements are shown. For example, those who are invited onto the property of another must put forth evidence that they were in fact invited onto the property and that the property owner failed to identify and quickly remedy an existing hazard. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be necessary for an invitee to show that the property owner failed to warn of the hazardous condition.

Injured in a car accident? We stand ready to help

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the dangers of drowsy driving. Unfortunately, far too many motorists on the road today are fatigued, which can seriously impact their driving abilities. Their reaction time can be slowed, their decision-making impaired and when they fall asleep behind the wheel they can swerve into oncoming traffic, drive up onto a curb or fail to stop for a pedestrian or halted traffic. When these drivers cause a car accident, they can leave innocent and unsuspecting individuals with severe injuries and associated damages.

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving

Thanks to public service initiatives, laws and tragic stories, Pennsylvanians are well aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving. These motorists can see their driving skills severely diminished as reaction time slows, the ability to multitask is impaired and maintaining a lane becomes extremely difficult. As dangerous as drunk driving is, though, it is not the only form of dangers driving. In fact, drowsy driving can post just as significant of a risk.

Motorcycle accident may result in personal injury claim

With consistently warm weather just around the corner, many Pennsylvania residents may be preparing themselves to take their motorcycles out of the garage and hit the road. Although riding a motorcycle can be a peaceful, relaxing, fun and cost-effective way to get around town, it can also be dangerous. Some motorcycle accidents are caused by errant motorcyclists, but the fact remains that approximately two-thirds of all motorcycle wrecks are caused by drivers of other vehicles.

The standard of care owed in premises liability cases

Entering onto property owned by another should not give rise to fear. Unfortunately, though, far too often unsuspecting individuals invited onto the property of another are subjected to dangerous property conditions that can leave them with serious injuries. Oftentimes, this occurs in a retail or grocery store, but it can also happen when visiting others for social reasons or walking through a business's parking lot. Regardless of where the accident took place, those who suffer harm in one of these incidences may be able to recover compensation for their damages by pursuing a premises liability lawsuit.

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