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Financial success after divorce is possible: 2 tips to help

Divorce symbolizes the end of a marriage and the beginning of a new life. Starting a new life without a former spouse may be intimidating, especially when financial obligations that were once shared as a couple are the sole responsibility of a single individual.

The Five Parts of Divorce

Divorce is a confusing process, but with a little help it doesn't have to be. What does it take to get divorces in Pennsylvania? The five parts of divorce are (1) Divorce, (2) Support and Alimony Pendente Lite, (3) Equitable Distribution, (4) Alimony, and (5) Custody.

Mutual Consent Divorce

In our family law practice, our lawyers often address questions and misconceptions regarding how long it takes to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania. While the answer can be complicated, prospective clients are often trying to find the quickest path to achieve one. There are two no-fault grounds for divorce: (1) mutual consent and (2) two-year separation.

Alimony & Taxes...

The standard rule in Pennsylvania regarding the tax treatment of alimony payments in a divorce is that payments made by the payor are tax deductible and that payments received by the payee constitute taxable income. However, there is an important caveat to this rule. The U.S. Tax Code only permits alimony to be deductible if it is specified in a written order or property settlement agreement.

The Largest Divorce Settlement Ever!!!

Last week, a Swiss court ordered a Russian billionaire to pay more than $4.5 billion to his ex-wife in what constitutes the divorce in world history. The 47 year old Dmitry Rybolovev made his fortune from potash mining and is known as the "fertilizer king." He is also the owner of the French soccer club AS Monaco.

Do I have to pay alimony if my 'ex' moves in with someone?

After a couple finalizes a divorce, both parties begin the process of moving on with their respective lives. With that process comes dating, living together, and possible remarriage. However, if the terms of the divorce settlement or court order include an award of alimony for one party, he or she must think long and hard about how to navigate a new relationship. The purpose of alimony is to ensure that the reasonable needs of the person who is unable to support himself or herself through employment are met. The amount a former spouse pays to the other is based on the standard of living that the couple enjoyed during their marriage.

Marriage and Divorce - Effects on Children

In our Blog on Marriage and Divorce, we have looked at the many negative consequences of divorce on the individuals and the damaging, long term effects on the children. Let me strongly repeat, to those parents considering or in the process of divorce, it is not easy for children to cope with a divorce. Make every effort to prepare and assist them in dealing with these issues.
As common as divorce has become in today's society, everything should be done to fight for the marriage. Everything should be done to avoid go through a divorce. Remember, marriage is more than just a coming together of two people but it is a joining, which as spiritual implications. When a divorce happens, there is a 'tearing apart' both physically and spiritually that leaves many scars and much hurt.
To you who are reading this blog: if you are married and going through some challenges, you do not have to end up as statistic. Divorce may look like the easiest or the only option you have but that is not true. You can fight for your marriage and you can seek the help others by way of marriage counseling, and more importantly, the help of God through prayer.

Marriage and Divorce - The Consequences of Divorce

The consequences of how divorce affects the children are sometimes unintended. In my last writing, I stated that many children of divorced parents have to deal with many emotional issues, such as depression, rebellious behaviors and more.

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