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Business law: the basics of franchising

There are a number of ways to start a new business. Some people take a unique idea or an old idea with a fresh twist and start their enterprise by building it from the ground up. Others, though, would rather jump into a business that is already reputable and has supply chains intact. For those in this latter group, franchising can be a great option.

What is a business plan?

The decision to start a business isn't one that should be taken lightly. Those who choose to engage in entrepreneurship often wind up putting their future and their finances on the line. When their businesses fail, their financial security and future can take a significant setback. This is why it is imperative for these individuals to engage in careful and thorough planning. By doing so, they may be able to create a sustainable and profitable business that can give them a sense of achievement of which they can be proud.

Understanding the employment contract

There's no doubt that the economy has recovered considerably since the Great Recession. With the job market growing in response and the employment rate continuing to decline, employers are often left competing for the best employees in their field. This means that the terms of one's potential employment need to be strong, which is sometimes commemorated in a contract.

The pros and cons of partnerships

Before a business can get up and running in Pennsylvania, many important decisions must be made. Amongst those decisions is the one regarding the structure that the business will take. There are often advantages and disadvantages to each, and fully understanding them is imperative to making the right decision.

How to avoid a defamation lawsuit in the business world

Whether they like it or not, business owners often find themselves amidst conflict. Sometimes this friction is caused from the negotiation of a contract or laying out a business plan with partners. However, some conflict arises from interactions with employees. This is particularly true in the hiring and firing process. If these issues are handled improperly, then a business may find itself at the center of litigation, which can be bad for a business's reputation and bottom line.

Pittsburgh firm handling variety of business law cases

On its face, the business world is pretty easy to understand. Companies are created to sell goods and services to customers. Once you dig a little deeper, though, you can see that the business world can be fraught with legal complexities. Merely starting a business can be a legal and financial challenge, and so, too, can disputes over how a business should be run moving forward. Issues with suppliers and employees can threaten a company's bottom line, and intellectual property disputes can threaten to undermine profits and a business's reputation.

Business law: Cosmetics retailer sued for selling used goods

Businesses have a lot of issues that must be dealt with on a consistent basis. Many of these matters have a direct impact on a business's bottom line. Whether it is a contract dispute that threatens to slow the delivery or sale of a product, an intellectual property infringement that waters down the potency of a company's trademark or allegations made by consumers that threaten a business's reputation, business law disputes can eat into profits. This is why businesses need to diligently work to protect themselves, regardless of the allegations that are made against them.

Financing a business

Starting a business isn't just about identifying a problem and finding a solution. Sure, these aspects are critical to founding and successfully running a business, but there are a number of logistical elements that can be just as pivotal to a business's success.

Business law and trademarks

There are many considerations that must be taken into account when creating and maintaining a business. The type of business created, the employees to hire and countless management decisions can all make or break one's company. One long-term, ongoing business issue is the building and maintenance of the brand and reputation. This can take years, sometimes even decades. For many businesses, developing a strong brand and reputation is dependent upon customers making positive associations with a company's logo, slogan and even the appearance of their stores.

How important are my corporation's bylaws?

If you are thinking about starting a business, then you have a lot on your plate. You may find yourself pondering how you will raise capital, who you will hire to help you provide your goods or services and how you will protect your brand. Yet, from the get-go, the entity form you choose can play an important role not only in the initial stages of business formation but also in your business's philosophical ideals moving forward.

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