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Selecting the best business form is an important step

Business formation is an important step for any new business owner to consider. It is one of the most important decisions a new business owner or entrepreneur setting up a business will make. As a result, they should understand how business law and the different business forms available can help them make the best decision for their company.

What are zoning laws?

Zoning laws can be particularly important to property owners because they can have a dramatic impact on the property owner's use of their property. Zoning laws regulate the development and use of real estate; the most common type of land-use law includes zoning laws.

The importance of contracts in business relationships

Contract relationships provide a foundation to many business transactions and business relationships. As a result, parties to a contract should always understand how contracts work, what to do in circumstances of a contract dispute and business law basics as well.

How to select the best business form

When selecting a business form, there are many considerations to consider. Selecting the best business form for their venture is one of the most important decisions a business owner or entrepreneur will make so they should have all the information before making the selection and be aware that business law resources can help.

The basics of a severance agreement

Pennsylvania recognizes at-will employment. This means that an employee can be fired at any time with or without cause. On the flip side, an employee can quit a job at any time. Of course, there may be consequences for prematurely terminating employment, especially when that employment is dictated by an employment contract or discrimination has occurred. However, there may come a time when negotiating a severance package is in both parties' best interests.

What is "venture capital" under business law?

Individuals who are interested in starting a business have many important decisions that they must make. One critical issue that they must figure out is how to raise the funds needed to finance their endeavor. This week we want to take a brief look at venture capital and how it can be beneficial to entrepreneurs. Venture capital is money that is obtained from investors and investment banks for the purpose of starting a business. These investors generally take an equity interest in the business with the intent of later selling off that equity for a profit. Venture capital, while usually financial in nature, can come in other forms. Individuals can invest expertise in a number of fields, including the technical and managerial realms, to help a business get up and running.

What if you receive a citation for violating liquor code?

For an establishment that serves alcohol, losing a liquor license is incredibly detrimental and may even ruin your business. In Pennsylvania, it is the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (PSP BLCE) that enforces liquor license violations.

Business law and the importance of debt financing

Starting a business can be a tricky endeavor. Those who are successful in doing so can feel an enormous sense of pride, as they should, since this is a big accomplishment. However, business troubles don't end with the successful creation of a business. Instead, they are oftentimes just beginning. Knowing how to handle these matters in a way that protect your and your business's best interests is imperative to surviving in today's cutthroat business world.

Be prepared for the changing business landscape

As we discussed on a recent post to this blog, the digital age has reshaped the ways in which business is carried out. While this can make markets broader and communications more efficient, it can also make matters more confusing. In the world of business, misunderstandings and downright deceit can have enormous ramifications. Breached contracts can result in the loss of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and damage to an individual or a business's reputation.

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