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Preparation - The Key to Success: Part I

As an experienced Pittsburgh attorney, I now remember back to having a guest speaker in my first year of law school. He was a gentlemen in his mid 40's that had graduated from our law school. He now had a thriving and successful practice in Washington DC. The speaker, whose name I can not remember, said something that has stuck with me for over 25 years. I can remember what he said like it was yesterday because the gentleman said something I simply did not believe.

The young gentleman said that he had never lost a case. Being an ex athlete, I knew no one "always" wins. I said to myself - yeah, right - but it was what he said next that hit home with me. He said that he has never lost a case because of one reason-he always out prepared his opponent. This may have hit home with me because the recent sting of just having been cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. Disconcerting thoughts still emanated through my body and the internal question of what more could I have done - did I work and prepare enough. For whatever reason - his statement stuck in my mind and an evaluation of the history of my success and failures in athletics, academics and professionally have proven his philosophy to be true. Quite honestly, it seems that my own life's experiences have been a test case study of this truism - preparation is the key to success. In Part II of this series I will describe, analyze, and test the theory.

Written by Gusty Sunseri - owner and attorney, Gusty A. E. Sunseri & Associates.

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